Distributor - EDI/Photo Capture

Orca invested time and money to allow our users to be able to automate as many processes as possible. We’ve created two types of integrations depending on the vendor.

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Distributor - EDI

We seamlessly integrate with over 25+ vendors. Invoices and all purchases automatically go into Orca within 24-48 hours of purchase. All prices will update. New items will be automatically created in Orca for future inventory, purchasing and reporting.

  • Performance Foods
  • Gordon Foods
  • Sysco
  • US Foods
  • Shamrock Foods
  • Reinhart Foods
  • Northern Haserot
  • Royal Foods
  • West Central Produce
  • Kaleel Brothers
  • Food Services of America
  • Sysco Freshpoint
  • Cheney Brothers
  • Labatt Foods
  • Ben E Keith
  • Affiliated Foods
  • Greco and Sons
  • P&R Paper
  • Baldor Specialty Foods
  • Bix Produce
  • Mains
  • Spokane Produce
  • Tankersly
  • Melissa Produce
  • SGC Foodservice
  • Produce Available
  • Freedom Fresh

*If you do not see your vendor in our list, we can build an integration with them and in the meantime you can use our photo capture technology below.

Automated Invoice Capture

Simply Scan & Snap

Scan Snap

ORCA Invoices Capture gives you the ability to automate invoice data entry by snapping a picture of your invoice and emailing it in or simply scanning and uploading a set of images.

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Accept Invoices in ORCA

Photo Capturing

Within 24 hours, invoices will appear in the ORCA system. Pricing for the service, 1-50 invoices $55 / 51+ invoices $99.

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