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Restaurant Budgeting Tools


Regain Control of Your Budgeting With Orca’s System

One of the most important parts of the successful operation of a restaurant, bar, or nightclub is budgeting. At Orca, we have an entire software system dedicated to your budgeting needs. We chose to balance a fast process with pinpoint accuracy, so you do not have to dedicate a lot of time to get precise and correct budgeting estimates. You want it to be easy to make a plan to increase your profits. That is why we created a system where you can figure out your goals and budgets and improve them over time.

Predictive Budgeting Offers a Powerful Tool

Our Restaurant Budgeting Tools system uses the most advance prediction software to create an estimate for your upcoming sales goals with exact accuracy. In order to predict your budget, the system incorporates:

Average daily sales

Last year’s sales during the same week

The total percentage increase from previous years

The weather, special events, and holidays

It is easy to let the budgeting system create an initial estimate for you, but it is also easy to edit it and make small tweaks. In this way, you can enjoy the benefit of human-crafted budgets, but save time by starting with automatic initial calculations. To help with this process, a tool can report the last four sales numbers for any day of the week, as well as an average for the month. The system even learns how weather and other events affect your sales and makes relevant calculations automatically.

Choose the Simple System

Just because our Restaurant Budgeting Tools system is advanced and powerful does not mean it sacrifices simplicity or ease of use. A single click can set out your entire week’s budget with all factors taken into consideration. Each day is readily available for new figures to be easily dropped in. Additional boxes for extra details are present to help keep your entire operation running smoothly. The system is designed to help organize information before, during, and after your work week, as well as at the end of the month. The ability to search for any figure from the restaurant’s entire history is also right at the top of your screen for your convenience.

Learn More About Orca’s System

Choose Orca for your inventory management system and get better control over your inventory. Never order too much or too little again. Learn how Orca can improve the efficiency of your restaurant, night club, or bar. Call us at (888) 713-9309 for more information or for a live demo. Experience for yourself the convenience and benefits that can only be gained through Orca’s intuitive inventory tracking system.

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