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Restaurant Financial Tracking


Prevent Loss With Orca’s Financial Tracking Statements

Tracking your restaurant or bar’s finances is made easy when you use Orca’s dynamic, all-inclusive system. Every aspect of operation from ordering to sales is tracked by the system, so the Restaurant Financial Tracking and Statements tools have all the numbers integrated accurately. The chance of mistakes when entering information is completely eliminated with our smart system. By having multiple areas of business handled by a single system, updating a single figure keeps everything up to date and accurate. This is the way restaurant finance was meant to be handled.

Simple Financial Statement

Generating a financial statement using our system is as simple as it gets. All you have to do is select the start and end date and a complete financial statement is generated. It documents the profits, all sales by category, and the cost of all products sold. The starting inventory cost is displayed, as it was valued at the start date, as well as the ending inventory cost. These values are used to create your cost percentage automatically. Additionally, you can print or email the statement with a single click. Creating useful information and managing it to improve business are equally easy to do with Orca’s financial system.

Powerful Loss Assessment

Most importantly, however, Orca’s financial tracking system also exposes your loss. When generating a report, the first thing you see is a list of every menu item that was sold during a specified period. Then, that list is compared to a list of every Inventory item that was used. The difference is what creates your variance report. This report shows you what was lost or wasted. At the bottom of the statement, you will see your:

  • Average daily sales
  • Last year’s sales during the same week
  • The total percentage increase from previous years
  • The weather, special events, and holidays

Because they are important, the variances are highlighted and red, making them easy to spot even at a glance. You will instantly know exactly which products you are losing money on so you can manage these items in the future, focus your employees’ attention on which products to avoid accidentally wasting, and improve general accountability. As with the financial report, the loss statement can be printed or emailed with a single click.

Learn More About Orca’s System

At Orca, we are committed to making the inventory management of your bar, night club, or restaurant simple. Get the results you want quickly and easily, and set a plan into motion to improve profits. Call us at (888) 713-9309 for more information and a free demo. See for yourself what Orca’s operation tools can do for your business. You will notice the difference immediately

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