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Restaurant Inventory Tracking & Control


Take the Reins of Your Inventory With Orca

Gain control over your restaurant or bar’s inventory. At the heart of Orca’s inventory and ordering management services is our Restaurant Inventory Tracking and Control system. Take advantage of our intuitive, simple, and intelligent software to save time and money while establishing a more efficient ordering program. Build accountability right into the inventory-taking process to eliminate mistakes and theft. At Orca, we are committed to making it easy for you implement simple changes that lead to increases in your profits.

Make Inventory Fast and Cost Effective

The Orca Inventory Tracking and Control system was made with simplicity as a priority. The displayed inventory in the system can be rearranged to match your shelves, so you can always find a certain product fast. If you are having trouble finding something, the floating search bar is always right at the top of your screen, so you can make use of the reliable search function without hesitation. The system automatically keeps track of how much you order, so if a product is suddenly reported as overstocked, an email notification is sent which includes information about the product and who was doing inventory. This helps prevent your employees from mistakenly ordering more than is needed as well as from making purposeful over counts to hide theft.

Get the System That Learns Your Needs

The most impressive aspect of the Restaurant Inventory and Control system is its intelligence. The system learns how much you order each week, and streamlines the whole process.

  • If you sell out, the system learns to increase the order next time.
  • Adding an accidental zero is impossible when it knows how much you need.
  • The weather and holidays are taken into account when calculating how much to order.
  • Manage multiple inventories for any number of stores or categories.

Even if you enter the wrong information into the field, the inventory management system will not allow you to save it without confirming that the incorrect numbers are acceptable. In the event that the system’s warning is ignored or overridden, an email can be sent to you to increase accountability. Only a smart system allows this level of security. Let Orca be your restaurant’s safety net

Learn More About Orca’s System

Choose Orca for your inventory management system and get better control over your inventory. Never order too much or too little again. Learn how Orca can improve the efficiency of your restaurant, night club, or bar. Call us at (888) 713-9309 for more information or for a live demo. Experience for yourself the convenience and benefits that can only be gained through Orca’s intuitive inventory tracking system.

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