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Restaurant Invoicing and Receiving


Stay Organized With Orca’s Invoicing and Receiving System

Creating invoices is simple when you use Orca’s management system for your orders. Our Restaurant Invoicing and Receiving system was created to be intuitive, fast, and powerful. Save time while organizing your orders in a simple and effective way. The tool also features dynamic elements to integrate invoicing with other areas of your business. Interconnected information management is just one of the ways Orca makes inventory management easy.

Dynamic Editing to Keep You Organized

The most powerful aspect of the Restaurant Invoicing and Receiving tool is how it handles edits. Because your entire business is managed by a single system, changing the numbers on your invoice automatically alters the numbers elsewhere. If you receive more of an item than you ordered, the inventory is automatically updated. If the price of an item changes, even more advanced updates are applied. When you edit the price:

The change is archived for future orders.

The gradual change over time is documented for each item

Orca automatically adjusts a new price, cost percentage, and profit margin for all recipes that relate to the products that increased on invoice.

In addition to saving you time and effort by keeping all your files up to date, this dynamic system makes it possible to organize your figures like never before. Information about the change over time is created automatically, so you can visually see how your suppliers’ rates affect your business.

The Simple Solution for Invoicing and Receiving

With the invoicing tool, a single click translates your order, which is already in the system, to an easy to read invoice, organized by SUPPLIER. Everything, from food to beverages to disposables, is listed on the same invoice. Because it is done automatically, it is impossible for your invoice to accidentally differ from the actual order. Afterward, it is simple to make small tweaks as well. Each item on the invoice has an editable text box associated with it for the price and quantity. You can also add extra items to the list, make notes or alter the totals in any way that is necessary. After making the invoice, print it out for your records, or email it to anyone with simple one-click functions. We are also compatible with most accounting systems.

Learn More About Orca’s System

To receive more information about our invoice tracking software, call us today at (888) 713-9309. Be sure to request a free demo so you can see for yourself how operation of your restaurant can be improved. Get organized and try Orca’s advanced, but simple management system. You will immediately see how much time and money you could be saving every day.

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