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Restaurant Recipe Costing


Manage Your Recipes and Cost With Orca’s Management Tool

Orca’s Restaurant Recipe Costing system keeps all your menu items up to date in real time. Our tools make it easy to see the cost percentage for every item you sell at a glance. Not only does this allow you to organize your menu and inventory, it also becomes a powerful tool for managing your cost and expenses on a per-item basis. Orca can help you successfully operate your business as you manage your recipe costs.

See What Your Cost Percentage Is

Every recipe you have is stored in the Restaurant Recipe Costing system. Because each item involved in the recipe is entered into the system, as well as the sales price and cost to order, the cost percentage is calculated automatically and displayed at the top of your recipe right alongside the cost of each individual ingredient. In this way, it is easy to tweak a recipe to get the most from its sale. You can also search for specific items using the fast search function or display your entire menu in a printable format to see which items are costing you the most at a glance.

Dynamic Cost Calculation

If you want to add a new item to your menu, the recipe costing tool can help. The benefit of Orca’s advanced inventory management system is its ability to handle every area of operation, and integrate each aspect with all the others. As you add or change ingredients or measurements, all the figures update in real time. These include:

Cost percentage

Total recipe cost


The cost of each individual ingredient

By using this tool, you can see which ingredient is responsible for driving profits down and change the recipe or your menu price accordingly. Never before have you been able to intricately craft your costs and profits so easily. More impressively, all external factors update automatically, which means if the cost of a single item increases, all recipes using that item will calculate the new cost percentage and profits instantly. You can come back and check the cost of your entire menu occasionally to easily see which items have had their cost percentage creep upward over the years. Even better, the system allows you to cut them back down.

Learn More About Orca’s System

Orca wants to make it easy for you to increase the success of your business. Try our powerful Restaurant Recipe Costing tool for free when you call us at (888) 713-9309. See for yourself what Orca’s advanced management system can do for you. Call today and learn more about how you can better organize and manage your inventory, ordering, and costs.

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